Monthly Archives: November 2017

Flat Tire Repair

Flat Tire Repairs One of the last sights drivers want to see when they are getting ready to drive their vehicle is a flat tire. They realize that in addition to the immediate inconvenience of having to install their spare tire, they will have to get the punctured tire repaired. And if their tire is…
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Run-Flat Tires

Run-Flat Tires   Tires That Help Maintain Vehicle Mobility...Even After Being Punctured Run Flat Tire Since the early development of the automobile, tires have played an important role in determining a vehicle's overall comfort and safety. However, there are few consumer products placed in harm's way more often than our tires, which encounter extremes in…
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Spare Tire Use

Spare Tire Use (Lea en espaƱol) Spare Tire on Back Tailgate If you ever visit an auto museum, you'll see most antique cars were equipped with two or more spare tires. Fortunately today's roads and improved tire durability have reduced that necessity, allowing our vehicles to be equipped with a single spare or none at…
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